About Us

Hanson Janitorial Supply, Inc. is an Idaho based company established in 1966.  We provide maintenance equipment, paper and cleaning supplies for the building maintenance industry.  We have locations located in Pocatello and Boise that serve southern Idaho.

Here at Hanson Janitorial Supply, Inc. we like to offer:

Lower Customer Risk
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Make our Customer's Life Easier:
Education (Hanson Link/In-Service Training)
Online Ordering (personalization/customer history)
Vendor Managed Inventory
Local Team
Local customer service
Local stocked warehouse
Local service and delivery

Lower Cost/Increase Profit
Price vs. Cost (Survey)
Compare products and improve our customer products or services
Industry specialists (Betco/Tennant/ProLink)
National buying power with local service

Increase our Customer's Competitive Advantage
Certify your employees
We provide products and services that improve the health and efficiency for your employees and facility
Our Salespeople and customer service professionals have expertise in the cleaning and maintenance industry.